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Our objective is to empower your negotiation success.

Our clients have succeeded by collaborating with us on both consulting and training assignments.

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"Avoiding chaos"

Our client’s two largest customers both decided to create a very competitive open tender at the same time. This put our client in a potentially very precarious position of having to reduce prices or lose volume. We worked with them to influence both customers to exclude our clients current volume (and a little extra) from the tender. Price increases were negotiated for changes in terms.  For more information please contact us.

I have been to the Harvard and Stanford negotiation courses and ENS outshines the others.
— President, Property Development Company

"Balancing power"

Our client (a government ministry) had a major project to complete. There is only one company capable of delivering this project for them. Our client felt in a very weak position.

We guided our client to see the situation from the other party’s view and to understand how they saw the risks and rewards. By leveraging these new insights we changed the negotiation from a very one-sided competitive encounter to a collaborative, joint gain, relationship.  For more information please contact us.

Of all the ‘best courses’ I’ve been to’, this three-day workshop was outstanding! Undoubtedly, unreservedly, by far the best. I’m gob-smacked!
— Senior Exploration Geologist

"Return on training investment"

Our client invested £60k with us to train their entire purchasing department. After 6 months each participant was asked to calculate the savings from one negotiation they had made that could be directly attributed to negotiating differently as a result of the INS training. The total savings from one negotiation from each within 6 months was £5.5m. Additionally to this, most also boasted of much improved relationships and trust. 

I firmly believe our company will be rewarded many times over with the investment made, reflected in the bottom line commercial results.
— General Manager