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Influencing & Negotiating training




Our clients consider us their best kept business secret.

  • How ready are you for your next high-stakes negotiation?

  • What is the other party really looking for, and why?

  • How are you going to ensure that you don't 'leaving money on the table'?

  • Where is the Other Party's real walk-away point?

  • What tactics do you expect in the next round? How will you respond?

  • How well does your negotiating team understand their process roles? How well rehearsed are they?

  • How will the outcome of this negotiation affect future relationships and negotiations?

  • Do you have a strategy for the negotiation process as well as the content?

INS consultancy assignments can include:

Early Influencing.

Recognising and creating opportunities to pre-suading

Structured Preparation for Negotiations.

Guiding negotiation teams to prepare efficiently and effectively for their negotiations.

Options Rehearsals.

Testing strategies and tactics in different "what if" scenarios.

Become Part of the Negotiation Team.

To guide, advise, observe and direct the strategy.

Post-Negotiation Audit.

Review, analyse and learn. 



Overview of Workshop objectives

To provide participants with a systematic psychological model that will give a clear understanding of how the negotiation process works, to develop specific negotiation skills that will assist job performance markedly and enhance individual competence and confidence.

Influencing and Negotiation Workshops. 2, 3 and 4 Day workshops focused on your objectives and your organisation. We support our position of the global leader in influencing and negotiation Skills development by only using your organisation’s actual situations (past and future) for analysis and practice. This guarantees that everything we do is beneficial, practical and relevant.

We use senior management briefings to focus and customise each workshop on the corporate objectives and ask each participant to complete a diagnostic questionnaire to fine tune each workshop to the needs of the participants.

Influencing and Negotiation Skills embedding. Becoming part of your organisation’s DNA.

Influencing & Negotiation Profiles. Profiling tool that measures negotiation and influencing competencies of individuals.

Pre and Post workshop activities. To further reinforce positive behavioural change.

Workshop learning outcomes and competencies

By the conclusion of our 3-day workshop, participants are competent to achieve more successful outcomes as they will have covered:

  • the concepts underlying all negotiation and influencing situations
  • remaining influential and in control of negotiations
  • identifying both the stated needs and hidden agendas
  • generate and build up the common ground
  • strategic style flexibility
  • appropriate emotional atmosphere
  • positive negotiation strategies
  • building long-term relationships
  • behavioural tactics to influence
  • creating willing, rather than reluctant, partners
  • conflict resolution strategies
  • the phases of a negotiations
  • achieving optimum outcomes, not compromises
  • systematic preparation
  • structure language to create co-operation
  • listening skills
  • the role of 'process manager'
  • securing commitment to lasting agreements
  • post-negotiation reviews


The Power of Reinforcement

Unless new information is periodically recalled and reinforced it will slip away never to be used again…                

Our brain uses 20% of our energy – a vast amount of effort.  A 2 or 3-day workshop equates to an average focussed time of 16 or 24 hours, and although presented in an interactive and all-encompassing manner appropriate to all learning styles with constant reinforcement, it is inevitable that some details may be absorbed more readily than others. 

At INS we can provide you with 1:1 or team coaching that will reinforce your Influencing & Negotiating skill training so taking you to a new level of competent influencing and negotiation capabilities.  We also provide coaching to up upskill and prepare for your ongoing and upcoming negotiations.

  1. Improved communication – what is being said or not said? The importance of body language and tonality.
  2. Engaging for understanding – how to build trust so creating a successful relationship. What part does neuroscience have to play?
  3. Understanding self and others – who are you and what impact do you have on those around you – personal impact and presence?
  4. Develop strategy – how can you use these valuable insights in building a strong interactive team and stakeholder relationships?
  5. Improve your bottom line – increasing your impact and effectiveness, so maximising your potential and ultimately that of your organisation.

In conjunction with one of our expert qualified negotiation strategists we will guide you through a planned programme of regular sessions based upon the needs of you and your team.

‘The opponent within one's own head is more formidable than the one the other side of the net’  Tim Gallwey The Inner Game

Let us help you understand who you are as an individual, a team and an organisation so enabling you to think aspirationally to get more of what you want.