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The science of influencing and negotiation

To achieve optimum results key negotiation skills are counter intuitive – fortunately these can easily be learned.

By combining up to the minute learnings from neuroscience and commercial psychology to create a powerful foundation to all your negotiations we can gain a significant competitive advantage, stakeholder engagement and internal efficiency.

By learning to subtly change a few key behaviours we will be significantly better negotiators and influencers and achieve more of what we want.

Our team of researchers keep our training, consulting and coaching at the cutting edge of the understanding of human behaviours.

This is incorporated into the practical ENSI Process Model.




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Join us on our gender specific courses.

How does this impact you personally? Organisationally?  By learning how our fundamental gender differences can improve your negotiation capabilities you will gain more confidence, have greater personal impact and maximise your outcomes.  Using up to the minute neuroscience research we will show you how to maximise your individual and collective negotiation potential, either in gender specific or mixed gender teams

‘99% of male and female genetic coding is exactly the same, however, that 1% difference influences pain, pleasure, perception, thoughts, feelings and emotions’

We’re here for the 1%.  Our open courses and in-house programs are designed to help you really understand the behaviours driving our actions and those of others, and more crucially how to manage them.


Why use INS?


Long-term, short term, hard objectives (cost, quality and time) and soft outcomes (relationship, willingness, attitude)


Your competitive advantage and efficiencies


Relationships and working behaviours


A common language and understanding organisationally


Stakeholders and employees


INS uses the global leading ENSI Influencing and Negotiating Process Framework


I would rate the course amongst the most highly dynamic I have attended. Negotiation training focused right in on where there is the potential to alter the bottom-line dramatically - up to 100%.
— Business Development Manager - Power Generation Company

How INS work with you

Working with large multi-national and small niche organisations since 1988 we have consistently increased ROI as both consultants and trainers.

  • We will analyse your objectives and situations. 
  • Assess your needs. 
  • Design solutions using combinations of negotiation and influencing consulting, coaching and training.
  • We only use your organisation’s actual situations for analysis and practice.  This guarantees that everything we do is beneficial, practical and relevant.
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If 20% plus improved returns appeals to you – contact us, the global leader, now and start our relationship.

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