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INS was founded in 1988 by Gary Oakley with an exclusive focus on the enhancement of influencing and negotiation outcomes in client organisations. 

Our aim is to provide you with the commercial edge that will significantly enhance your bottom line and build on your relationships. We are active in commerce as negotiation strategists and practitioners, as well as trainers.

INS is an accredited business partner of ENS International services and products. ENS International is the world’s leading negotiation consultancy which is celebrating 40 years in the negotiation business. ENS International has 93 negotiation consultants working in 52 countries and in 10 languages.


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We at INS know that finding the right consultant to train you and your team is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Gary 1

Lead Consultant

Gary Oakley

“Most of the highly effective negotiation skills are counter-intuitive; fortunately they can easily be learned”

Gary is an international influencing and negotiation strategy consultant and trainer who has been an expert with INS Limited and our international partners ENSI since 1989. He brings neuroscience insights into his strategies where small changes in preparation and behaviour can generate big changes in results. Gary has worked on negotiations throughout every continent (except Antarctica).

He comes to the influencing and negotiation arena from a professional background in property finance. He now works across many industries (including service, pharmaceutical and manufacturing) and of varying sizes of organisations and government ministries.

To fight the aging process Gary is often found on the tennis court, gym or ski slopes. He is married with three grown and successful children (the proud Father).


Melanie 1_resize.jpg

Negotiation Strategist and Coach

Melanie Lilley

The first negotiation is with oneself

For over twenty years Melanie has focused on understanding and developing others in her training role in L&D and now as an OCM qualified coach and team coach. Using psychology and neuroscience, she aims to unlock potential through careful conversations and building relationships. Never underestimating the power of communication – verbal and non- verbal for successful engagement.

Given that organisational results depend on the behaviours of people, and that behaviour is governed by how our brain reacts to stimuli around us, it’s clear that if we understand why our brains behave the way they do our negotiation skills have a greater chance of succeeding.

Having worked in both the public and private sector (both large and small), Melanie is familiar with the unique nature of each and the driving underlying behaviours.  Global training contracts have also given a greater cultural understanding – both for business and pleasure.

Melanie enjoys travel when possible and is constantly amazed by human nature in some of the most remote and underprivileged corners of the world – a little courtesy and the right questions can open some amazing doors and build the first key step – trust.


Annie Richardson 2 resize.jpg

Negotiation Consultant

Annie Richardson

Every time we seek to influence an other”

Annie is an international Executive Coach and Trainer and has been an expert with ENSI since 2004. She has extensive experience in both public and private sectors and a strong practical business orientation.

Annie has lots of energy and establishes powerful partnerships that support her clients to achieve outstanding results. As a qualified coach she brings approaches from psychology, coaching, and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to her work with clients.

She has worked throughout Europe and the USA, working with organisations with global presence.

Annie lives in the Cotswolds with her two children and Dachshund puppy!

She enjoys keeping fit and loves good food and wine. 



Communication Skills and Strategy Developer

Ellen Ross

Neuroscience provides a lens through which we can better understand ourselves and others'

Ellen is one of our Neuroscience researchers; to understand the chemical side of behaviour. She is currently focusing her research on the expanding generation gap, as well as how genders and cultures differ in communication and negotiation styles.

Ellen studied Psychology and Sociology at University to develop her interest in human behaviour and what motivates us. Her background in mental health care and working with autistic children has shown her just how important communication is and why we need to understand people in order to communicate and negotiate effectively.

Ellen spends half her time living in London and the other half in Gothenburg. She enjoys walking her dog and was the European salsa champion when she was 19. 



Elspeth Mills Rendall

“If you want to persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect”

Elspeth is an international negotiation strategist and accredited coach who has been a consultant with INS Ltd and our international partner ENSI for over 15 years. As a Barrister Elspeth brings insights from managing complex, high-level commercial negotiations within the legal sector to her consultancy and coaching assignments.

Elspeth’s clients now come from a variety of industry sectors, ranging from global corporates to small start-ups as well as government ministries.  Sectors include: aerospace, banking, chemicals, education, energy, food retailing, healthcare, insurance, natural resources, property, pharmaceuticals, publishing and IT.

Elspeth is a keen Francophile and traveller and enjoys singing with the London City Chorus Choir which has performed internationally and at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Jamie Hutchinson

“Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamental”

Jamie is an international negotiation strategist and coach with a career in global equities and currency trading.  His practical insights from managing these negotiations commonly worth hundreds of millions of US dollars give him a deep understanding of how to best add value in high-risk negotiations.

Jamie has worked with clients from a wide range of sectors including: aerospace, banking, education, energy, food retailing, pharmaceuticals publishing and IT.

Outside the professional arena Jamie has a passion for rugby, is an active Board Member of Teddington Rugby Club and is involved in the club’s charitable activities, recently walking Hadrian’s Wall for the Royal Marsden Hospital.